Kitchen and Bath Furniture Trends – Present & Future Perfect

Here is a collection of fixtures, cabinetry and furniture for the kitchen and bath that showcases innovative design concepts from across the pond. Most are production pieces, although a couple are still prototypes. The kitchen increasingly acquires a chameleon-like quality, continuing the European trend of recasting dedicated cooking areas into multi-purpose spaces in the home. To achieve this, appliances, sinks and fixtures retract, or are hidden by doors & drawers when not in use. In the bathroom, vanities with integrated sinks offer easy maintenance, clean lines, and exciting design possibilities.

Berloni's cooking & multimedia workstation for the kitchen

The €300,000 Berloni “Not for Food” prototype on display at the Shanghai Expo is an ambitious effort by architect Enzo Eusebi to create a cross-over product that is not only geared for cooking, but also accommodates work and play.



Looking more like a starship console than a kitchen-lounger, the sleek carbon fiber piece allows one to relax in the semi-circular sofa, listen to music, work on the internet and watch TV as desired.


Bathroom Vanity with Integrated Cabinet

Designed by A. Arter & F. Citton, the bold colors and sweeping lines of this Novello vanity merge seamlessly from the counter into the tall convex wall unit. The shocking pink matte lacquer conjures up a retro look.


Italian Bathroom Vanity

The lilac lacquer Zebrano of the vanity is topped with lilac colored crystal to provide a sophisticated touch.


Italian Kitchen Cabinet with Curved Counter

The Valcucine kitchen offers generous amounts of counter space and storage on both ends of the softly curved island.


Italian Kitchen Cabinet with Rounded Design Elements

The kitchen’s options reinforce the sinuous design with round stainless steel sinks, curvilinear hobs, vent hoods, wall cabinets, and semi-circular storage units.


Corner Sink

The unusual shape of the Novello sink allows for creative placements of the fixture.


Corner Sink integrated with Bath Tub

This striking bath tub can be installed in different ways – as a free standing fixture or installed next to the wall. But nothing beats butting the wash basin against the bath tub to create the look of an oversized spoon with ribbon-like handle.


French Retro Kitchen Cabinet

This concept kitchen created by Antoine Fritsch has a soft, retro look. The funky Hersey Kiss shaped hood, gloss white and pink palette, and soft rounded lines of the angled breakfast bar are reminiscent of the Jetsons.


French Retro Kitchen Cabinet

The cook tops are inset into the counter and artfully designed to echo the shape of the hood. The cluster takes on the stylized form of a plant (or so it seems), adding an unexpected dimension to the term “organic cooking”!


Italian Rosewood Vanity

This Novello vanity, with its wavy, fluid contours conjures up images of water in a stream. The Rosewood grain in the cabinet further accentuates the flowing lines of the design. The Corian wash basin can be seamlessly integrated into the counter as an asymmetrical impression, a contrasting under-mount sink with a shapely circular dip, or a romantic heart-shaped sink.


Italian Rosewood Vanity

This piece of bathroom furniture is not just all good looks – its drawers glide out to provide abundant storage, easily satisfying demands for both function and form!


German Kitchen Cabinets Designed by Philippe Starck

These 4 kitchen designs by Philippe Starck all share a neobaroque look and the philosophy of furniturized kitchens, which support daily tasks of reading, dining, working & socializing. Also, appliances hide behind handleless door fronts and hoods disappear into the ceilings of the wall cabinets. This model has all the trappings of a library, replete with a library ladder for anyone with an outsized cookbook collection!


German Kitchen Cabinets Designed by Philippe Starck

Along the vein of a camouflaged kitchen, the bright yellow mirrored glass fronts and unusual sconces support the cooking functions with a decorative flourish.


German Kitchen Cabinets Designed by Philippe Starck

For palatial digs, Starck offers an island kitchen that can be accessed from two sides (with the end units providing ample storage as well).


German Kitchen Cabinets Designed by Philippe Starck

About 37” square and 91” hi, these towers rotate 340 degrees with appliances and storage hidden inside. An innovative option is to have sinks installed adjacent to flush mounted cooker hobs for easy clean up. The floor lamp turns the dining table into a work space as needed.

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