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Here is a collection of products that are inspired by nature or have major components derived from the natural world. Be it dedicated artisans or leading edge technologists, the companies all support wise stewardship of our resources and a healthier planet. As you can see, more so than ever, scrap products of all stripes are getting a new lease on life! Check out my blog entries on other eco-friendly materials and lighting products!


Just when you think your old leather belts are forever consigned to land fill, TING has created an environmentally conscious line of flooring that gives the proverbial “second life” to antique belts. The material is also suitable for table and bar tops.



The hand crafted tiles are chemical-free and readily cleaned with a damp mop. At about $75 per square foot, the material is comparable to wood flooring in durability, and can be waxed to a high shine.



Here is a new uber-cool material for counter or table tops that is also earth friendly. Alkemi is made from recycled aluminum shavings, which commonly burn up as a heavy polluting smoke during the recycling process. Just as important, the VOC content in ALKEMI is less than 100 parts per Million, so it’s good news for anyone concerned about indoor air quality!


Counter material from recycled aluminum

Alkemi can be made with polyester (as shown) or acrylic, sporting different colors and looks for each line. They are also available in a variety of surface treatments such as Textured, Classic and Honed. With that many options, the possibilities are endless…



Inspired by nature, the 2 pebbly chandeliers will be right at home with the Flintstones! Slightly reminiscent of a bunch of cattails (or a clutch of dino eggs?) the first fixture has 10 oval pebbles with a 1.2 W LED lamp peeking from each.



Flat stone discs give this design a more delicate feel. The elegant LED fixture comes with lacquered stainless steel and brass belts.



3form has come out with a couple of innovative modular 3-D products that can be used on any wall or ceiling. They are available in wood veneer, making them both striking and sustainable. Wovin Wall is made by sliding tiles into a lightweight grid in an alternating fashion and can be back lit for dramatic effect.



Wave Wall, true to its name, is an undulating wave of elegantly long, beautiful tiles, and can be installed in either a continuous or alternating pattern. Veneers available include maple, oak, cherry, walnut and wenge among others.



Here is a lounge chair that sports distinctly different looks depending on the material used. PIE Studio, a promoter of sustainable furnishings, offers one version in rattan. It can be left natural or painted white and yellow to create a bold graphic statement!



The chair can also be made of dark stained bamboo veneer. Bamboo is a fast growing grass and popular choice when looking for green furnishings.



Cementoresina is a new composite material made of cement, marble, natural pigments and pure resins. Suitable for wall and floor surfaces, it is free of solvents and VOCs. The non-porous, joint-free product is hard-wearing, resilient, stable and elastic.



The wide range of colors available are divided into five collections – Warm, Cool, Whites, Nature, MixMatch – which in turn come in five textures, Flat, Wave, Glass, Crete and Velvet. The zen-like bathroom setting was created using Cementoresina Warm.



Romolo Stanco’s Green Lamp is an intriguing creation that is both a light fixture and a planter – one that is “of wood” but not wood, and one that holds a plant which in turn will power his light fixture in a self sustaining cycle. The LED lamp is apparently driven by harnessing the energy generated via photosynthesis – a clever twist on “bio-fuels” indeed!



The material Romolo used is Arboform, a “liquid wood” mostly consisting of lignin (an organic polymer) that can be thermoformed, foamed, or molded into any shape. Since lignin is usually burnt off during paper manufacturing, turning this waste product into liquid wood is an eco-friendly alternative. Though it works like plastic, Arboform has the texture, quality and smell of wood and is fully recyclable and biodegradable, truly an earth friendly product!


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