The Ultimate Bathroom – 9 Knockout Fixtures You’ll LOVE!

If you are looking for something fresh and inspiring, here is a collection of sinks, faucets, baths and showers that will make anyone’s bathroom a conversation piece!

Combination Tub and Bath called Rotation by Teuco

It’s a clock at Milan’s International Furniture Fair – but wait!


The Rotator fixture shown in shower and bath modes

It’s a shower! It’s a tub!! The Rotator is a dual function concept fixture designed for Teuco by British architect Ron Arad. The shower cleverly rotates to transform into a bath tub.


Faucet and Sink from Italian manufacturer Bandini

The corian waterfall faucet from Bandini allows water to flow in a wide, refreshing stream into a clear basin.


Bandini design showing Faucet integrated with Sink. Coordinating Shelving system and Mirror are also shown on wall.

Another design option integrates the faucet and sink into an angular sculptural form. I love the ledge(s) above the faucet, which can be used to accommodate things decorative or functional. A shelving system and mirror are available to complete the suite of offerings.


Disegno Ceramica's Splash wall hung wash basin in orange.

From Disegno Ceramica, the colorful free form wash basin set in a base counter graphically illustrates the sink’s name: Splash. Also available is a wall hanging wall basin, which alternately reminds me of a water splash or an amoeba!


Disegno Ceramica's Splash shower base

The non-slip shower base echoes the playful shape of the sink. I assume there is enough clear floor space inside the shower pan so the irregular shape isn’t a safety issue…


Agape's Nivis pedestal sink

Designed by Shiro Studio and Benedini Associati for Agape, the Nivis pedestal sink is ideal for tight spaces. It is made of cristalplant, a new composite material that is inert, non-toxic, recyclable and restorable, perfectly suited for kitchens and baths.


Top view of Nivis sink

In Latin, Nivis means snow – the blindingly white color and soft, pillowy curves resemble snow drifts in winter. The overflow drain is rendered as a dimple in a small mound high up in the back corner.


Bandini's Prisma sink

The sculptural sink of Moon stone is by Bandini. The dramatic angular, twisted spirals can be set in any direction to suit personal preferences.


Top View of 2 Bandini Prisma sinks

The triangular stone pedestals look somewhat tipsy when placed side by side – maybe it’s just a matter of perspective…


Trio of Sinks from Botinger & Roi's Colours Collection

The Colors collection from Botinger & Roi, a European luxury market upstart, is characterized by bold, bright and funky colors. The pedestal sinks sport a willowy asymmetric look that is both organic and sensuous.


Wall hung Swing sink from B Dutch.

The sink from B Dutch is made of blue limestone. The unique material and sweeping shape create a beautiful showpiece for any bathroom. At 63” w x 21.25” d x 2” h or the super compact 17.5” w x 11”d x 4.75” h, it is possible to fit the sink into almost any space.


Close up of the integral drain design for the Swing Sink.

The integral drain’s design is an elegant solution to a necessary function.


Numi, the combination toilet and bidet from Kohler.

This high tech ‘clean machine’ is from Kohler. Like a number of its foreign competition, Numi serves double duty as toilet and bidet. Its sleek design is complemented by a motion activated lid & seat, feet warmer (very important unless you have radiant heat flooring), and music from built in speakers programmed via touch screen remote. The bathroom has never been so inviting…


Night light feature of the Numi.

The toilet also features an large night light panel – very handy for anyone sleepwalking to the bathroom!


Onda glass sink from Omvivo.

From Omvivo comes a seamless and hygienic ‘washing vessel’ that pushes the boundaries of design. The slim and minimalist contemporary sink is available in double or single versions, and in corian or colored glass.

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