Super Natural Space Heaters

We’re back in the midst of winter and for many, heaters are a necessary evil. If you want something livelier than the standard issue, here’s a collection of nature-inspired and toasty models that can literally knock your socks off!

While the easiest way to achieve biophilic design is by introducing nature into a space, research shows that just adding manmade elements evocative of nature will enhance our physiological, psychological and cognitive well-being.

Aside from providing the myriad benefits of biophilia, these artistic creations – ranging from an extinct raptor to present day flora and fauna – will forever change your perception of the humble radiator!

Radiator in form of a T. rex dinosaur
T. rex to warm your heart and home.

This whimsical radiator is sure to bring out your inner child. The fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex is reincarnated as a cast iron heater by Russian design firm Art. Lebedev Studio. The long bony structure of the dinosaur allows it to multi-task as a clothes warmer in winter and clothes tree in summer!

Model of T. rex skeleton
Skeleton crew.

Created as a protoype, this toothy predator may be manufactured one day to meet your heating needs.

Heater inspired by coral formations
Brain trust.

Award winning designer Paolo D’Arrigo’s Coral Electric Radiator is an excellent example of the Modernist mantra ‘form follows function’. Inspired by coral’s fractal branching growth patterns, Paolo used generative algorithm for his parametric modelling when designing Coral to create maximum surface area for heat distribution.

Made of laser cut 8 mm (.32”) aluminum, the radiator comes in a 450 Watts, 800 mm (31.5”) round or 600 Watts, 480 x 1480 x 50 mm (19 x 58.27 x 2”) rectangle that can be installed vertically or horizontally. Available finishes range from RAL colors, textures to metallics. Bringing this to the 21st century, the smart appliance comes with a convenient app to set heating schedule, speed, and temperature.

Modular wall heater looking like a leaf scroll
Turning over new leaves.

The decorative acanthus leaf scroll by Joris Laarman is actually an ingenuous modular heating system. Initially part of his graduation thesis from Netherlands’ renowned Design Academy Eindhoven, the Rococo radiator demonstrated that functionality and ornamentation do not have to be mutually exclusive. Similar to the Coral Radiator in principal, Heatwave’s florid design maximizes thermal output via the exuberantly sinuous edges. The 150 mm (5.9”) d sections come in 4 sizes: 780 x 540 mm (30.7 x 21.26 ”), 1450 x 730 mm (57.1 x 28.7”), 2090 x 1040 (82.3 x 40.9”) and 2720 x 1350 mm (107.1 x 53.2”). They snap together easily and can be installed along walls, as well as on inside or outside corners.

Heatwave is made of cast polyconcrete, which is derived from natural and man-made materials. It comes in 2 colors, Stone Grey or Black Matt, and sports a nickel plated handwheel for contrast.

Radiator panel with partial silhouette of a seahorse
Finding Sheldon.

Plymouth is a playful heating unit manufactured by Carisa of Turkey. Like Sheldon, Nemo’s spunky seahorse friend, Plymouth is certainly allergic to water! The seahorse silhouette is cut from mild steel and the heated panel is 1790 w x 470 h x 61-81 mm d (70.5 x 18.5 x 2.4-3.2”d).  At 1221 Watts and 4162 BTU, the radiator will warm up your home in no time! Finish options include Gloss White, Textured Black, Textured Dark Grey and Textured Light Grey.

Radiator cover with metal cutout of a bird in a tree
Early bird gets the worm!

If you think radiators on the market are boring, it’s even more uninspired when it comes to children’s rooms. Here’s a radiator cover that will instantly change the décor of any child’s bedroom or playroom. Suitable for 600 x 600 mm (23.6 x 23.6”) and 600 x 800 mm (23.6 x 31.5”) appliances, the metal cover attaches to an existing radiator with industrial magnets. Made of powder coated steel, it purportedly boosts heat output by 5-10% and reduces the radiator’s surface temperature, making it safer for kids.

Vertical radiator panel with a stylized camellia
Where have all the flowers gone?

These stylized camellia wall heaters by Marco Pisati are sure to improve the physical and mental outlooks of everyone in the space. Designed for K8 Radiatori and aptly called Camelia (the shrub’s Italian name), it was originally intended as a towel warmer since the branching form is perfect for hanging towels and clothes. But apparently these colorful panels have gained wide traction among offices, entryways, living rooms and everywhere in between.

Camelia is available in a large variety of sizes with heights from 1200-2200 mm (47.2-86.6”), widths between 320-640 mm (12.6-25.2”) and depths of 43-113 mm (1.7-4.5”). Heat output is 854-1714 Watts, depending on dimensions. Mix and match color options for the base and hanger include 15 RAL paints, 5 metallic, 6 anodized and 8 galvanized finishes.

Wall heater panel of a female figure
The Heat is On!

Doubling as a piece of Pop Art, the Dafne radiator from Fondital’s Black Label Design Collection is certainly going to make your space heater the talk of the town! As can be seen from this diverse crop of designs, there are plenty of fun and funky biomorphic heating products to cure your winter blues!


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