We have engaged Marie several times to help in remodeling our older home, which illustrates how pleased we have been with her work. Marie is very personable, listens carefully, and has been able to translate some admittedly vague preferences into stunning designs. She consistently searches for innovative materials and technologies to enhance results for her customers. In an effort to consider aesthetics, budget, and practicality, Marie routinely identifies alternatives, along with the pro’s and con’s of each, to help reach a decision her client will be happy with for the long-term.

In our home, Marie designed a complete renovation of our kitchen, and major upgrades in design, lighting, and furnishings for our living room, a bedroom, den, and dining room. These projects involved the typical complexities of an older home: tight spaces, working with existing walls, plumbing and wiring, non-standard dimensions, and tight tolerances. They also required ongoing consultation with the contractors. In each project, Marie developed a high-level concept, and then carried it through with meticulous attention to detail. Her depth of knowledge and sense of style have truly transformed our home.

In summary, we highly recommend Marie for her work in interior design and space planning.
Robert M
Marie Chan is everything you want and expect in a professional designer and space planner. I believe there are many people out there that think they can provide this service but none have Marie's creative talent or professional expertise. I have used Marie Chan several times for very different projects. She has solved space usage questions in my house where space is limited and I was totally stuck as to what to do. Most recently she has helped me design custom window treatments that were unique, one-of-a-kind installations that are artful and affordable. Our next project is lighting, paint and tile design. I continue to use Marie because she has great talent and abilities and she treats me like a valued customer. Thanks Marie!
Dr. Paula S
Marie designed my first office, which was beautiful. Then, 10 years later, I needed to find an office space to purchase, so that she could design it. Marie is so amazing!! She found me the realtor who found me the office to purchase, designed the office exactly how I wanted it, and then found the perfect contractor to build out the space. Marie is THE "Can DO" professional. Now she has designed custom furniture for my home, and found the correct solutions for my impossible-shaped windows in my home. Marie is a 10 out of a 10!!
Dr. Karin M
Marie is very knowledgeable about the latest trends and present issues of LED lighting, and knows how to choose the best products for most effective use (had I done it alone without Marie's professional advice, I would have made costly mistakes). Also, Marie is detail-oriented, considerate, and easy to work with. Highly recommended!
Yi D

We attempted to work with two other designers before selecting Marie; the difference was night and day. One basically walked us through a design center without any guidance or comment, and another seemed to focus on camouflaging symptoms of poor design or furnishing choice, rather than addressing the real problem

Marie organized the visits to maximize time with suppliers she thought would match our tastes and budget. She was also very scrupulous about her billable hours… The samples always provided a beautiful variety from which to choose, and were of the sort you would not find in home improvement or department stores.

Would we work with her again? In a heartbeat. We found Marie to be very detail-oriented and diligent in her efforts. She was easy to work with, and flexible about design changes, budget considerations, and our work schedules.
Bob M