7 Quick Cures for Furniture Envy

Ever come across some cool furniture and wished they were yours? Here are seven cures for such unbecoming attacks of furniture envy. These furniture pieces cover a gamut of materials and styles, ranging from ethereal to whimsical, industrial chic to sleek opulence. Take a peak and let me know your fav!

A sofa of bent plywood frame and mountaineering ropes

Is this Marilyn Monroe’s lips, Jaws or none of the above??

This amazing feat of engineering and design is the brainchild of Hungarian architect and designer Ákos Huber. Inspired by the ethereal grace of the ancient Greek sculpture Winged Victory of Samothrace at the Louvre museum, Huber fashioned the sofa out of a single piece of bent beech plywood with judicious cut-outs to create the airy look. Climbing ropes strung between the back and front wood panels are held by marine knots to provide a dynamic and flexible seating platform. As a bonus, the furniture is stackable so it can easily be stored or moved!

Seating made from slotted C-Channels

Brutalist seating to the max!

German firm XYZ Integrated Architecture created a series of limited edition chairs, armchairs and loungers using slotted C channels. The zinc-plated perforated steel parts are ubiquitous in the manufacturing and building industry. Together with the unstructured cowhide, the channels – which assemble like Erector sets – conjure up a raw and brawny aesthetic that serves as an antidote to the sleek modernism of the 21st century.

Nightstand with lampshade resembling a straw hat attached

Furniture you can laugh with.

As designers we sometimes take our profession too seriously. Luckily the Portuguese firm DAM‘s designs come with a strong dose of humor. The Maria side table pokes fun at stereotypes while sharing its cultural heritage. It can be used as a side table or, more likely a night stand, and comes with a table lamp.

The finger pulls come in 2 configurations and represent the face of Maria, the village wag. The lampshade is a hand-sewn, straw braided hat typical of the Portuguese region of Baixo Minho where DAM is located.

Drawers lined with choice of black & white wallpapers

A drawer of surprises!

The drawers are lined with choice of illustrated wallpapers as Joana Santos, one of the co-founders, is a graphic artist. The oak veneered chassis and drawers come in a variety of matt finished colors with mix and match options.

A chair made of ombre glass

A chair somewhere over the rainbow.

A celebration of light, space and color, the Ombré Glass Chair is an homage to Japanese designer Shiro Kuramata’s iconic Glass Chair. To Germans Ermičs, an Amsterdam based artist, glass is not just a means to an end in furniture design. He takes the oft overlooked medium and elevates it into an object of desire.

Dynamic interplay between light and the mesmerizing hues of the ombré glass highlights the angular planes of this minimalist design. On the other hand, seating comfort won’t rate high among its attributes as the chair is not intended as a functional piece of furniture…

Sofas in smooth organic form

Seating for your next block party!

Brothers Michel and Daniel Bismut are partners in the French architecture firm Bismut & Bismut which is known for paring down a design to showcase its volume, lines and material. The meandering appearance of this sofa is inspired by the look and texture of time worn rocks and minerals, with an elastic jersey fabric chosen to accentuate its sensuously curved silhouette.

Credenza with lacquered handpainted front

Artful storage.

Artist Zoë Pawlak and Jeff Martin Joinery have joined forces to produce a collection of hand-painted credenzas. The striking feature of this sideboard is its rich lacquer coated front.

Known for her paintings and rug collections, this is Pawlak’s first foray into furniture fabrication. From what we can see, her hand painted contemporary abstract designs for Jeff Martin’s case goods are certainly be a resounding success!

Created by acclaimed designer Patricia Urquiola, the Fjord Relax armchair & Fjord Hirek chair are tributes to Arne Jacobsen and the long, narrow inlets of the Scandinavian coastline.

Armchair and chairs with stylized references to the Scandinavian fjords

Seating with Scandinavian roots.

The design evolved from the concept of a seashell being broken down by time and waves, a microcosm of the formation of the fjords. The collection, which includes armchairs, chairs and barstools show the progression of erosion to its final stage as represented by the footstools, low amorphous shapes with rounded edges.

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