9 Incredibly Clever Outside-the-Box Kitchen and Bath Creations

Looking for show stoppers in your next kitchen or bathroom remodel? These 9 designs will certainly turn heads! A few of these kitchen and bath products boast green creds through smart conservation, while others are arresting visual statements in their own right. All are creative furniture or fixture solutions for the two most popular functions around a man’s castle. Enjoy!

Kitchen island with counter top that slides on & off the sink and stove
Now you see it now you don’t – this kitchen island cleverly pulls double duty in compact spaces.

When it comes to kitchen furniture and appliances, Italy still has the edge on the hot and trendy. The top of the Aster Cucine natural ebony and squid black quartz island slides out to reveal a sink and stove underneath, coolly transforming the lid into a bar counter. When done, the top slides back over the cooker hob to provide extra work space. That’s multi-tasking at its best!

Faucet with rotary dial time settings
For those of us who still remember the rotary phone, it’s a blast to the past! This faucet helps to conserve water with style by the turn of a dial.

The eco-conscious rotary dial faucet by Eun Jin Byeon allows you to control water output in 5 second increments to a maximum of 15 seconds.

Sink from recycled rubber tires
A sleek sink that is #recycled from rubber tires.

Created by Minarc the Rubbish Sink is made from old tires reincarnated into a 1/8″ thick membrane and stretched into shape. A great way to #upcycle the piles of tires languishing in the landfills!

Kitchen island that opens up to provide sink, faucet, storage space
This multi-functional cabinet has a sensor-operated cover that hides a built-in sink, faucet as well as a variety of storage units!

Hailing from Boxetti, Lunch is a Transformer of a kitchen that unfurls on a touch of the switch into a full featured cooking island that can hold knives, tableware and even an undercounter fridge. But starting around $12,500 (plus freight from Italy), this self-contained module is no toy!

Kitchen island folds out to show cutting board and LED lighting above
The table top unfolds origami-like to reveal an oak cutting board and 2 built-in LED spotlights. One of the 2 pull-out bar stools is shown.

The design and engineering that is required of such a product is amazing. The company also produces compact lounge, entertainment, work and bedroom modules along a similar vein.

An outdoor wood-fired bathtub
A wood-fired bathtub for the great outdoors.

For those who want to soak in a hot tub while communing with nature #off-grid, here’s your chance! This sumptuous bathtub is made of quilted, sea water resistant aluminum and lined with removable heat-treated birch. All you need is some water front property to plop down your Hikki tub!

A kitchen designed to accommodate digital gadgets
A truly ‘plugged-in’ kitchen for the digital generation!

This tech savvy kitchen from Febal Casa is designed with docking stations to accommodate our plethora of proliferating gadgets: smart phones, tablets and phablets. The cabinets come in hot colors of red, yellow, raspberry, blue, green and more!

Arc shaped shower
A striking shower that is also #green!

The Arc shower system is an ambitious concept that marries aesthetics with #sustainability. The design provides water and energy #conservation by collecting, filtering and #recycling the shower’s warm water runoff back into the system. Net sum, you can luxuriate in a long, hot shower guilt-free!

Sculptural cooking island
Two sculptural arcs dedicated to the Joy of Cooking. One side is for prep and cleanup, while the glass induction cook top at the other station dishes out the hot food.

The Splinterworks design appears gravity defying when viewed on one end: each off-centered half terminates in a knife edge, but I expect the base widens towards the other side both for support and to accommodate utility connections for the induction cook top and dishwasher.

Reclaimed teak drain and cutting boards in kitchen island
The symmetrical #reclaimed teak drain & cutting boards are a nice touch.

Mirror polished steel helps to visually blend the mondo island with its surroundings. It also serves as a counterpoint to the rich dark walnut curved front drawers and dishwasher.

Outdoor shower and towel rack
What everyone should have in their yard – a resin wicker and aluminum outdoor shower with coordinating towel rack!

Portable and whimsical with a tropical flair, they are from Horchow. Great by the pool or on the beach, all you need is a garden hose to hook up the shower!

As Kennedy once said, ‘I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?’ These innovative designers questioned the status quo to create products that add fun and pizzazz to our mundane but essential daily ritual of cooking and bathing. To them I say, ‘Dream on!’


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  • Because traditional kitchen cabinetry features intricate detailing and a plethora of custom finishes, the higher pricing is affected by the economy. But as we move out of the recession, we’ll see traditional kitchen design rebound since it still reminds people most tangibly of the hearth and home!

  • Depending on the design style of the kitchen or bathroom, some of the pieces are definitely contemporary, but don’t be afraid to mix and match!
    The retro-looking rotary dial faucet will fit comfortably in most homes without triggering a major retrofit. Don’t forget sometimes the products’ finish options can help visually integrate them into existing décor as well.

  • Love these photos, Marie. Contemporary is so popular and has been for awhile. Do you think design will continue to evolve as it’s been going, or do you predict that traditional design might make a comeback?

  • Marie, thanks for the inspirational images and message to never let your dreams die. What is your taking on trying to incorporate a unique Eco friendly faucet to an existing kitchen without having to replace the whole counter top or cabinets to match the current style of a kitchen?