A Bar for All Seasons

To celebrate the Happiest Season of All, I’ve curated a selection of bar cabinets for the upcoming festivities… and beyond. Among them are fashion designer Giorgio Armani’s understated and refined cellarette, postmodernist master Alessandro Mendini’s colorfully irreverent libation station, and woodworking maestros Meyer & Von Wielligh’s ocean inspired sculptural drinks cabinet. Some are limited editions, others are highly customizable designs. Together they are sure to make this the most wonderful time of the year!

Drinks cabinet from fashion house Armani's interiors division
Drinks on the House.

A high fashion bar cabinet from the house of Armani. Offered by Armani/Casa, the couturier’s interiors division, Royal is a racetrack-shaped drinks cabinet with a contemporary take on the classic sécretaire. Handmade by artisans to the same meticulous standards as haute couture, production is limited to 88 units. This bespoke cabinet is enclosed by a pair of doors that retract into its 2 semi-circular sides. The center storage area has ample room for glasses and comes with a spacious storage drawer for mixologist tools. The backlit interior sports a golden marbleized resin panel, while the exterior is covered in a special paper and cotton woven material. Although the fabric’s resemblance to tatami mats indicates Japanese influence, the bar’s elegant, minimalist aesthetic is pure Armani!

Drinks cabinet by postmodernist designer Alessandro Mendini
Postmodern party.

Mikiolone is a postmodernist drinks cabinet by award winning Italian furniture company Zanotta. The freeform furniture was created by prominent postmodernist architect and designer Alessandro Mendini for Zabro, Zanotta’s experimental arm. The handmade wood cabinets, including the stiletto legs, were lacquered. Painted in different color combinations, only 9 signed and numbered pieces were produced. This cabinet measures 43.3” w x 20.9” d x 63.8” h with hefty .8” glass shelves.

Steamer trunk inspired mobile drinks cabinet
Drinks on the go.

A nostalgic throwback to La Belle Époque, the Polo Club Bar by Authentic Models conjures up visions of the Orient Express or the Titanic! Inspired by the iconic steamer trunk, this wooden libation station is covered by canvas and embellished with touches of leather, varnished wood as well as bronze hardware for an authentic look. Judiciously added casters ensure the festivities can carry on anywhere.

Inside view of steamer trunk inspired mobile drinks cabinet
Small but mighty.

Despite its compact footprint, the 35” w x 13.8” d x 34.3” h drinks cabinet offers plenty of storage for wine, spirits, glassware and bar accessories.

Bar cabinet design showing juxtaposition of opposite forms and textures
Exploration in design dichotomy.

This mondo bar cabinet allows entertainment on a grand scale. Called Traje De Luces, it’s designed by Portuguese atelier Dooq. The firm is focused on pushing the boundaries of materiality, such as exploring the juxtaposition between contrasting elements and unexpected textures. Exuberant curves on the cabinet face, reminiscent of the swirling traje de flamenco traditionally worn by flamenco dancers, pay tribute to the culture of southern Spain where the art form was originated. The openness of rattan acts as a counterpoint, providing an airy feel to the massive doors.

Inside of bar cabinet with contrasting colors to the exterior
A study in contrasts.

The cellarette is 47” w x 21” d x 65” h with legs of stainless steel plated polished brass. True to Dooq’s philosophy of duality, the inside and outside of the cabinet are painted different colors, with a matte finish for the exterior, and high gloss finish for the interior. Given there’s a choice of 12 lacquers, the options can be overwhelming!

Drinks cabinet with highly textured face inspired by the turbulent meeting of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans
High touch drinking.

Two Oceans Drinks Cabinet is another stunning creation from South African furniture maker Meyer von Wielligh. The highly tactile rippling on the doors is masterfully hand carved and intended to represent the tempestuous waters off Cape Agulhas where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans converge at the tip of South Africa. The 43.3” w x 26” d x 85.8” h American walnut cabinet features artfully cut door handles and comes with a hammered and patinated metal base.

Cabinet interior showing storage drawers and in-door shelving
Form and function.

The casegood sports a glass back, 2 glass shelves with a sliding cork shelf and 2 drawers below. Need room for more barware? We got you covered with 3 in-door storage shelves on each side, sized to fit the organic shapes of the door panels!

Bespoke drinks cabinet with numerous finish options
Tradition redefined.

Anyone looking for a show-stopping bar cabinet will be charmed by Koket’s Spellbound, a handcrafted furniture piece that’s customizable to fit any color scheme. The lacquered carcass, side panels, doors, and base can be finished in any high gloss or matte RAL color, with the frame outlined in high gloss gold, silver or copper leaf for contrast. Metallic elements, like door handles and decorative detailing, come in matte or high gloss nickel, black nickel-plated brass or cast brass.

Interior of drinks cabinet showing storage compartments

The interior comes with some fun drawers: a wide lockable drawer with a secret drawer stashed inside, and an inset cedar-lined humidor drawer for cigars. The cabinet’s back and 2 sides can be fitted with clear, bronze, smoked, or antique mirror; while the 2 shelves are available in clear, bronze, or smoked glass. The possibilities are endless!


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