Breaking the Mould: Creative Furniture for Work & Play

Furniture designers draw their inspiration from diverse sources: some embrace and celebrate technology, others follow the quest for sustainability, while the intrepid few endeavor to reinterpret time-honored traditions. This post offers an eclectic mix of furniture as a result of the creative fusion of these cross-cutting influences. Enjoy!

Lounge chair of colorful felt sheets

Turning over a new leaf – it’s always exciting to see a chair designed with sustainability in mind!

Resembling a book of swatches, the Oz chair tugs subliminally at every interior designer’s heart. Cate & Nelson created this chair with layers of rainbow colored wool felt on a white lacquered steel frame so users can flip through the offerings to suit current mood and décor.

Wood desk with colorful storage pedastal

Order from chaos – the stack of jumbled storage modules in the desk pedestal creates dynamic tension.

Made of 100% solid oak from French sustainable forest, the contemporary furniture mixes traditional French craftsmanship with high tech machinery.

Shelf made by recycling used books

The wittily named Book Book Shelf is a great way to upcycle second hand books.

Created by Not Tom, this shelf takes advantage of used books. Given the tons of books being discarded at landfills, it’s a clever way to turn them into a décor item that can be easily updated!

Lounge chair that accommodates a mobile laptop stand

Having your cake and eat it too: here’s furniture that allows you to lounge around and work at the same time.

With the from Wiesner Hager, you can relax in style while remaining productive with the mobile laptop stand. Just pull up the stand, park it in the slot in the chair, and viola, you’re in business!

Lounge seating for work

Cozy lounge seating to foster collaboration. practically forces you to sit across from each other and engage in a dialog. So while I’m not fond of the rather tight seat for two people, I can see some good brainstorming coming out of these sessions.

Coffee table for two people

Coffee table built for two.

Baita Design exploited Corian’s physical properties to produce the Loop Coffee Table’s curved sculptural form. The design was inspired by a roller coaster loop, however the thrill Loop provides every morning may be the sight of your caffeine shots!

Cube shaped chair and lounge seating

Apps 1.0 and 2.0 for 1 and 2 person seating.

The name refers to the shape of Apps 1.0 which resembles an icon in a smartphone. Made by Artifort, the seating  is available in solid or contrast colors.

Chair with seat of handmade paper

Here’s a beautiful chair sustainably made of rice paper and beech that celebrates tradition.

Piao is the brainchild of Pinwu, which constantly pushes the envelope of furniture design using traditional Chinese crafts. Borrowing from an ancient umbrella-making technique, Piao is made by gluing layers of handmade paper together, resulting in a seat that is sturdy yet supple and rich in texture. It’s an elegant solution that honors treasured local skills.

Set of tables in birch and walnut.

Set of tables in birch and walnut.

I love the intricate marquetry in the Flow Nesting Tables by Ania Pauser. True to its name, the mirrored design cleverly flows from one table to the other.

Private cocoon or chair in felt

Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, we have you covered here…

These 2 stylish pieces are created by one of our favorite designers, Freyja Sewell, who also brought us the Hush Shade. One is a ‘pod’ that offers privacy and shelter, while the other provides comfortable convivial seating.

HUSH is your personal cocoon, proffering a dark, quiet retreat in any public space (or your home, for that matter). SMUSH is the smushed down, social version of HUSH. Soft and cushy, the seating can easily be a shared with friends. Best of all, the pods’ components are produced sustainably and made by artisans skilled in heritage crafts, killing multiple birds with 1 stone!

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