9 Spectacular Fixtures to Light Up Your Life!

Let’s put it on record – I love cool and quirky lighting. What better than start this post with Ingo Maurer, the German lighting designer who’s renowned for his colorful and whimsical lighting products. Another perennial favorite, Ross Lovegrove, continues to turn out critically acclaimed biomorphic fixtures with graceful abstraction. Come and see the result of creative collisions between lighting with kinetic art, sculpture and furnishings below that will help you look at lighting in a whole new light!

Floor lamp in red paper shade

A cross between lighting and sculpture, the Kokoro table lamp sports a flamboyant paper shade.

Reminiscent of a flamenco dancer in a red dress, this sculptural light fixture by Ingo Maurer changes with every view point. The dramatic shade is colored by Japanese textile dying techniques and pleated with a special process inspired by traditional origami art. More than just decoration, the playful removable heart-shaped mirror pulls double duty as a reflector for the light source. Due to the nature of the shade, the fixture is not suitable for rooms with high humidity – so don’t stash this in your sauna!

Cosmic Leaf is available as a ceiling or table light fixture

Cosmic Leaf is available as a table or ceiling fixture with the steel lamp housing in red, blue, green or gray finish.

These ethereal light fixtures designed by Ross Lovegrove seem to float in mid air! The transparent but highly textured methacrylate shades resemble a chameleon’s scales and the dichroic surfaces dynamically change the fixtures’ color depending on one’s vantage point – a perfect look for the hipster digs of Silicon Valley startups.

Pendant featuring Barbie sized chandeliers in an over-sized Edison style light bulb

Whimsical pendant featuring Barbie sized chandeliers hung from a braided silken cable. Fun!

Named tongue-in-cheek as ‘King Edison’, this light fixture designed by Young & Battaglia brings together the clean form of an Edison lamp with the glitz and glamour of a chandelier fit for his Royal Highness. Installed singly or in a cluster, King Edison will be an nice conversation piece.

A table lamp inspired by traditional Chinese lanterns

A collection of contemporary light fixtures inspired by a vintage movie.

The Chou lamps, created by Yonoh Estudio Creativo, were inspired by the film The World of Suzie Wong where lanterns dotted the alleys & temples of old Hong Kong. Love how the warm glow of the fixture brings the delicate wood grain to life!

Close up of the light fixtures' wood veneers

The lanterns feature a durable base and handle in black lacquered spun metal and distinctive top detailing.

Forest Stewardship Council certified wood veneers are showcased in natural stains for the purists and – for the rest of us – colorful finishes in red, orange, yellow, blue, and turquoise!

Acrylic chairs with neon tubes embedded inside

Electric Chairs fit for a Party!

Bob Wilson designed the 7 chairs for this world première  exhibit. Fabricated by Kartell, each chair had a unique design of white neon encased in 20 mm transparent polycarbonate.

Chairs as displayed in the box foyer of the Opera House.

Chairs as displayed in the box foyer of the Opera House.

The contemporary chairs created a striking but interesting contrast against the opulent interiors of the celebrated Milan Teatro alla Scala.

Stunning 3-D lighting as wall panels.

Stunning 3-D lighting as wall panels.

Chilean designers Q Studio created these modular lighting tiles which are available in 3 modes: Uplights, Downlights, and None. Taking advantage of the country’s abundant raw material, these panels are of copper, and can be mixed and matched to meet any need. To help the community, its products are manufactured by a local prison’s inmates as part of their rehab program.

A lamp that changes its looks when you turn it on and off!

Very cool lamp that changes its looks when you turn it on and off! An animation of the 2-lamp version is shown below.


The Nodes wall sconces come in two iterations – one light or two lights – with both vaguely resembling an oversized safety pin or hair clip. Made of copper and jesmonite (a gypsum based acrylic resin popular for creating sculptures & 3-D objects), the light only turns on when the contacts are touching and form a closed loop. For the young or the young a heart, these light fixtures can be a great source of entertainment!

Custom lighting inspired by ropes

A very knotty example of lighting as an art form!

Created by Christian Hass, the Ropes Lamps at first blush look like macramé ropes hung just for visual interest. But wait, there’s more! Flip a switch and the room glows in a warm light from the LEDs inside these twisted creations.

Close up of the Ropes Lamps

Close up of the Ropes Lamps.

The ropes are made with a textile that is weatherproof and dirt repellent. Each one is unique, numbered, lovingly made by hand in France and Germany.

An LED fixture in the shape of a flower

This LED light fixture is intended to turn any space into a soothing sanctuary.

The airLuce series is rooted in the concept of biophilia so the light fixtures are designed to resemble flowers or plants. To create a healing environment, Tranlogue Associates eliminated glare by hiding the light source and used advanced acrylics that allow light to spread softly to the edges in a diffuse, even glow. Now you can turn on the light and meditate full Om ahead!!