Hip & Funky Light Fixtures from Across the Pond

Creative lighting speaks a universal language. Italy, with its tradition of exceptional lighting design, comes naturally to mind. However there are great examples of sublimely cool and quirky light fixtures from other countries, some inspired by cultures halfway around the world, which attests to the power of the Global Village. I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I did researching for this blog. Drop me a line and let me know your favs!

Lighting fixture with broken shell

Just as when making an omelette one has to break an egg (or two), to use this light fixture you have to break the casing!

The name of the fixture Ichi go comes from an ancient Japanese saying Ichi-Go Ichi-I that literally translates into ‘each meeting only once’. Conceptualized by British designer Freyja Sewell, the pendant fixture – initially a sealed globular unit – has to be cracked open in order to install the light bulb. The shell breaks in random patterns and the smashed pieces remain attached to the shell via hidden chains. Ichi Go captures the ephemeral nature of life’s journey and celebrates the belief that every moment of one’s existence is unique.

Cabildo suspended lighting fixture

Love these glowing orbs of light seemingly floating in mid-air!

Light from the futuristic looking Cabildo indirectly reflects off their inner curves, highlighting the shapes of the lighting fixtures in dramatic relief. Manufactured by the Italian lighting powerhouse Artemide, the collection features ceiling, wall and floor fixtures.

A bottle and 2 glasses of chemoluminescent reagents glowing in the dark

Instead of Sunset in a Cup, here’s lighting in a glass!

Behold the Third Age of Lighting! With De(Light), Spanish product designer Cristina Ferraz deconstructs the paradigm of light generation and uses chemoluminescent reagents to create a liquid light in the bottle shown. Lasting up to 20 hours, this portable light can be shared and poured into glasses without the need of a conventionall power source, transmission and display device!

Table lamps that look like stylized ballons

A witty table lamp that teases your imagination: is this a stylized balloon or antique oil lamp with a back reflector?

The Balloon lamp (the name is a dead giveaway) by Slovenia lighting company Vertigo Bird is a fluorescent fixture distilled to its elements. The metallic paddle leans over the cylinder to catch the light and diffuse it into a warm glow.

Table lamp of gold cages with 4 black and 3 white plastic rats inside

A table lamp that can send your furry friends into a tizzy!

The lighting fixture features a stack of gilded cages with 4 black and 3 white strategically placed plastic rats. The creation of award winning German lighting designer Ingo Maurer, Seven Rats will make an entertaining conversation piece!

Glass and wood stacked pendant light fixtures

Influenced by Asian and Moroccan finials, these fanciful light fixtures look like colorful spinning tops of glass and wood to me!

Created by UK artisan Esther Patterson and available in numerous colors, shapes and sizes, the hand blown glass ensures each shade is unique. Start stacking together different combinations of glass pieces with walnut discs and the possibilities are endless for your ‘Statement Pendant’ (or Chandelier)!

Ribbons of curved LED wall light fixtures

An amazing light fixture that reinterprets the term light painting!

The light fixtures look great when installed vertically too.

The light fixtures are omni-directional and look great when installed vertically too!

Formala by the Italian lighting firm Cini & Nils is a flexible, indirect LED wall fixture that can be shaped into a curvy ribbon of light. The lighting creates a dramatic wall wash but equally important, provides a fun way to tinker with negative space. Love to see it in a color changing LED so the fixture will be ready for parties of all stripes!

Table lanterns with Swarovski crystals inside

Want some understated bling (an inherent oxymoron) at wedding receptions? Try these Swarovski-spiked banquet lamps!

These lanterns, from the London-based design firm t.n.a. design studio, are made of tracing paper and lit by LEDs. The delicately hung crystals create dancing reflections with the slightest motion and will definitely bring a touch of class to the evening’s festivities.

Light fixture that can be put on the floor or hung from the ceiling

Want a cool light fixture that is indestructible? Here one with 9 lives!

Meet Uto. Designed by the Barcelona firm Lagranja, it’s just as comfortable (and stylish) resting on the floor as it is suspended from the ceiling. Made of silicon rubber, it’s pliable and pleasant to the touch. The lamp is housed in a sealed unit which makes it rugged enough for outdoor use. Available in white, orange and yellow, the fixture will be a cheerful addition to any home or spunky startup.