Furniture to Make Your Day – Guaranteed!

Should the daily grind get to you, here’s a collection of furniture pieces that will lift your spirits. Some are sumptuously decadent, some turn convention on its head, while others embrace technology with style. What you find will surprise and delight you – come browse and enjoy!

Sideboard faced with patinated brass

Sideboard with a view.

This award-winning Mur sideboard features an abstraction of a city skyline that is 50’s inspired but updated with contemporary sensibilities. Available either freestanding or wall hung, the cabinet can be made to any size. The entire exterior is covered in brass sheets and patinated by artisans using traditional techniques dating back to the last century. The dark walnut interior provides a nice counterpoint to the rich visual texture of the cabinet.

Side table with pink colored driftwood branches

Allergic to 50 shades of gray driftwood? Then check this out!

Bleu Nature draws from driftwood hand-selected around the world to produce the Kisimi side table. The pink and orange finish is as visually stunning as it is artistic.  Measured at 11.82” w x 11.82” d x 17.72” h, the table comes with the option of a dimmable base of tunable LED colors, which will truly make it the talk of the party!

Seating inspired by 60's space fantasy

Back to the Retro Future…

Created by Dan Ziglam and Elliot Brook, Deadgood’s Capsule Collection is a British tongue in cheek reference to the 1960’s vision of space exploration. The seats’ various sized buttons are covered with waste fabrics from a UK fabric manufacturer and handpicked for their graduated tones and textures. Kudos to Deadgoods’ creative reuse of production waste – one can arguably say its future is bright and green!

Wood and lacquer base table with black marble top

Not your mother’s pedestal dining table.

Looking for a fresh approach, designer René Chyba turned to nature’s organic forms for inspiration. The Clara table, created with the help of 3-D modelling, has a curved base sporting a ‘skin’ of bent walnut or stained oak against a contrasty lacquer inner core. The top of black marquina marble adds a touch of classic elegance.

A chair inspired by origami

A chair after an origami artist’s own heart!

The Oru chair is the brainchild of Dubai-based product designer Aljoud Lootah. By infusing her love of paper craft and geometric patterns with a contemporary touch, Aljoud has conjured up a timeless furniture piece that transcends cultural boundaries.

Vibrantly colorful cabinets with a retro look.

Vibrantly colorful cabinets with a retro look.

The cabinets’ wood joinery is both functional and decorative.

The cabinets’ wood joinery is both functional and decorative.

These storage units are the result of a unique collaboration between Italian industrial design firm Adriano Design and La Castellamonte, a venerable maker of ceramic stoves. The glazed ceramic shell and naturally finished wood combine to create artful pieces that are guaranteed to perk up any living room.

Hexagon based modular partition

No tall order – this airy partition can provide acoustical and/or visual privacy depending on configuration.

The versatile hexagons of molded fiber felt are interchangeable and can be installed horizontally in the ceiling or hung vertically as a divider off an aluminum rail. Available in 4 modular shapes, myriads of colors, and 2 sizes, the possibilities to customize Airflake are endless…

Smart kitchen/dining table

Dinner is served – on your smart cooktop-cum-dining table!

The SmartSlab dining table is designed by Kram/Weisshaar for Iris Ceramica Group, the manufacturer of SapienStone, an advanced large scale ceramic tile that measures 3 m x 1.5 m x 6 mm (approx. 9.8’ x 5’x .24”) thick. Treating the surfacing material as a giant circuit board, the design duo ingeniously created cooktops by embedding induction rings in the table. To keep food warm and drinks cold, heating elements that keep food at 42.5 C and heat-transferring Peltier devices are integrated into the slab. Modern conveniences such as wireless charger, Wi-Fi base station, and touch screen panel can be factory-wired for ‘plug & play’ installation on site. That’s definitely a lot of Smarts on the table!!