Hot + Trendy Euro Kitchen and Bath Products

Here are some unusual kitchen and bath products from Europe. I learnt long ago that Fashion & Design share a common route – they start from Europe, hit the east coast and then wind westward. At least these days, we can go online and look for the latest & greatest instead of waiting for it to show up via the Pony Express!

Induction wok cook top
For wok users, check out the induction wok cooktop from Küppersbusch! I love the minimalist cooktop’s concave indentation, which is designed to match the stainless steel wok that comes with the purchase.


Seamlessly integrated sink and counter made from Corian
Playful foot shaped wash basin from Antoniolupi juxtaposes crisp angular lines with curvaceous contours. Because the material is Corian, sink and counter can be integrated to offer a seamless monolithic look.


Vent hood styled like a crystal chandelier
Looking like a chic crystal chandelier suspended above the cook top, this Elica Star remote controlled extraction hood warrants a double take. At 300 CFM, the hood is more form than function. But if you want a disco ball for a party, this will fit the bill…


Shallow rectangular built-in wash basin
The shallow rectangular built-in basin by Alape has no overflow. This makes the unique design possible, but limits application of the unit to powder rooms or other light use facilities. At sink depths of .9” and 2.6”, it’s really more suitable as a bird bath…


Kitchen storage and appliances hidden in teak cabinet with sliding doors
To continue with the European trend of making kitchens look more like furniture. Kitchen cabinets and appliances are seamlessly hidden by book-matched and veneered teak doors on tracks in Allmilmo‘s latest offerings.


Faucet with LED water temperature indicators
This Hansa faucet is a showcase of hi performance German engineering: the water curtain, looking like a sideways waterfall, is created by a special jet former which uses 40% less water. Also cool are LED water temperature indicators and the sleek on/off button.


Vent hood that looks like a silver ring haging from the ceiling,
The Legend is a striking sculptural hood from Elica which resembles a silver ring floating in mid air. It will become the conversation piece while facilitating conversation in your kitchen. With great visibility around the hood, it’s the perfect solution for those who want to entertain guests while cooking!


Sink with recessed tray covered in natural river rock for drainage
The SonoBath sink offers symmetry through asymmetry, with the focal point of the sink positioned off-center. It offers a choice of two drain systems – brushed nickel slats or a recessed tray covered in natural river rock. It is truly an interactive sculpture!


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