Insta-Worthy Lighting for All Occasions

Light up your space with these Insta-worthy lamps that cater to all tastes. Whether you’re a fan of quirky lighting, traditional designs with a twist, or minimalist decor, we’ve got you covered with our collection of floor, ceiling, table, and portable lamps. Come and check them out!

Floor lamps with a cylindrical design theme
Symphony in Cylinder Major.

Calé(e) is a minimalist but striking light fixture from CVL that shows off the cylindrical motif in full force, with the slender 66.9″ h post anchored by a solid 6.7” dia x 16.9” h tubular base, and topped with a generous 27.5″ dia x 11.8”h drum shade. Of solid brass construction, the fixture is available in 4 satin finishes: brass, graphite, nickel and copper. The metal parts can be mixed and matched as desired, while the fabric shade is available in black or white. The floor lamp comes with a 78.7″ black fabric cord.

A light fixture made of of copper wire to shape of an aerialist in candle balancing act
Highly wired act.

This head-turning copper and steel chandelier by Kenneth Cobonpue is part of his Limbo Collection. Fixtures in this collection sport intricately handwoven wire figures in the midst of various circus acts. This one wittily features an aerialist balancing 5 pairs of ‘candles’ dramatically in mid-air. The 10 candelabra lamps total 400W max, and the life-sized suspension fixture measures 68.75” l x 29” d x 37” h.

Wired light fixture silhouetted in front of window
In broad daylight.

This chandelier is silhouetted in front of a window, revealing artfully interspersed filigree ribbons in floral design amidst the copper mesh.

A table lamp with a circular LED ring attached to a slender support arm
Ring of light.

The Poise table lamp by Robert Dabi for Kdln is an ethereal circle of light that appears to float weightlessly in the air. The delicate articulated arm is hinged to a weighted base on one end and circular light on the other.

Poise is designed to invite interaction between the user and the lamp, making it a perfect addition to any space. Both the light ring and arm can rotate right or left up to 320 degrees at their pivot joints, providing endless configurations and hours of entertainment for those inclined. The lamp is an imposing piece, with the light ring measuring 19.1” in diameter, to a maximum height of 42.9”, and a base of 10.6” w x  4.3”d.

A portable light that looks like a carafe
Light of the party.

The cordless Come Together table lamp by Carlotta de Bevilacqua is perfect for entertaining on the fly. Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand, this handy grab-and-go lamp can even pass for a stylish carafe on the serving tray!

The concentric striations on the transparent methacrylate casing function as a diffuser to enhance the optics of the portable lamp. Three finishes are available for the die-cast aluminum core: polished copper, polished aluminum, or white. The fixture measures 3.94” dia x 10.44” h, and comes with an integrated 3.6 W LED bulb that offers 3 brightness levels of 1.2 W, 2.4 W, and 3.6 W. The USB-powered Li-On battery touts 4-16 hours of light on a single charge, depending on the option chosen. Party on Garth!

Suspension light fixture made up of slender LED light sticks pivoting around a center support post
Pick up sticks.

If you’re looking for a dynamic pendant that can be easily rearranged to suit your personal artistic expression or new decor, then Arik Levy‘s Rhythm is the perfect choice for you!

The dimmable LED downlight is available in a matt dark brown or off-white lacquer finish, with a choice of 3 color temperatures: 2700K, 3000K, or 3500K.

Pendant fixture showing different arrangement of the light sticks
Controlled chaos.

Rhythm consists of a series of narrow linear light strips that are available in 18.5” or 34.3” lengths, pivoting on a central spine. It comes in sets of 10, 20, 30, or 40 light modules (17.7”, 36.6”, 55.5”, or 78.7” wide, respectively) and can scale to any space.

This suspension lighting is sure to bring out your inner child – turn the light sticks in different angles and you can build a stylized double helix, fluted canopy, and more!

Suspension light fixture and floor lamp made of Japanese rice paper
Dancing in the wind.

Kabuki, which derives from the Japanese verb kabuku, meaning ‘tilt’ or ‘sway,’ is the name of the artisanal lighting by Celine Wright. The atelier creates handcrafted light fixtures with kozogami paper using traditional Japanese techniques. The evocative lighting come in ceiling and floor versions.

The pendant is more mobile-like. It spans 39.4” and showcases three 21” high halogen-lit textured mulberry paper hangings that are embellished with 2 colorful paper garlands and counterbalanced by a black metal base. The floor model shares the fixture’s kinetic signature as the papery ensemble flutters in the air.

Chandelier with candles covered in a cocoon of translucent resin
Chandelier re-imagined.

Marcel Wanders has turned the conventional notion of a classic chandelier on its head. In his rendition for Flos, the 43.3” dia x 29.13” h matte white steel structure comes replete with clear plastic make-belief candles. A translucent resin and clear protective topcoat are sprayed over the assembly, creating a cocoon-like diffuser for its 150W E26 T10 halogen lamp.

Peeking out from the bottom is a Sfera faceted crystal ball which adds some quirky pizzazz to this iconoclastic suspension light fixture. I can hear Saturday Night Fever in the background…


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