9 Amazing Furniture Designs for Extreme Makeover

I always get excited when I find furniture that offers a fresh take in the sea of mind numbing mediocrity. Here are nine amazing furniture designs that will show you what tables and chairs can look like. From lacy corian seating (that being an oxymoron itself) to reality altering resin tables, these furniture pieces celebrate creative thinking and innovative techniques that are guaranteed to spice up the status quo.

A chair shaped like the fanned out tail of a peacock

Looking diametrically opposite to the Mew Table is this airy chair.

The Peacock Chair by UUfie is fashioned from a perforated sheet of Corian that is stretched out like an accordion and postformed into the sinuous shape. The playful chair comes in 2 sizes (adult and child) and can be made in any color to suit your decor.

A blossom-shaped chair

Vibrant and sumptuous in texture, this chair is almost too gorgeous to sit in!

Bloom by Kenneth Cobonpue is exquisitely handmade with hundreds of stitches sewn into the microfiber. The ribbed channels emanate from the center of the chair, vaguely resembling a giant hibiscus with crepey petals. The sleek tubular steel base, reminiscent of a flower stem, provides a counterpoint to the ruffled seat.

Two side-by-side chaise lounges

The sun’s UP, so time for some social lounging. Here are a couple versions of a stylish chaise for some relaxing tête-à-tête!

The Loopita Bonita ups the hip quotient by combining CNC machines with artisanal craftsmanship to create outdoor furniture that will make your back patio feel like a 5 star resort. The cool minimalist ribbon is available solid or slatted to provide options for sun control.

A red dining table

A final furniture masterpiece by the renowned Queen of the Curve.

Created by the late celebrity architect Zaha Hadid, the Mew Table resembles converging ribbons of red hot molten lava on the top before cascading down two sides to morph into asymmetrical supports. Equally serviceable as a desk in an office, Mew is also available in black or white.

Origami inspired wood cabinet

Unconventional display/storage cabinet dispelling the notion that shelving must be horizontal or parallel.

Inspired by the art of origami, designer Aljoud Lootah merges Emirati culture with contemporary design and reinterprets traditional 2D geometric shapes through her Oru Cabinet.

A sofa chair

A sofa chair that is sized for one or two, depending on occupant and activity.

Kikko is applicable as a chair or recliner. Slide the backrest 90 degrees to the left or the right, and you can turn the chaise into a chair with extra seating on the side. A plethora of finish and fabric options, including the festive patchwork quilt cover, makes the furniture ideal for all applications and ages.

Resin tables

Real or illusion? One table top is fading from egg yolk yellow to a clear frost, while the other table looks cracked at the base…

London designer Andy Martin creates mind-bending furniture by using meticulously crafted layers of tinted or color fading polyurethane. The resin furniture is available in clear or brushed finish, depending on the visual effect desired.

A fire feature built into a table

Finally a fire feature that is not just another pretty face!

The tongue-in-cheek Flaming Seance Table is a ceiling hung stainless steel oval surface with a fire bowl in the center. More than a one trick pony, it can also be used for dining and entertainment – the indentations on the edge hold dinner plates and for those interested, a séance can be performed there after dinner!

A console table that was inspired by high heels

Here’s your ultimate Sex in the City dressing table that Carrie Bradshaw would have approved!

Closing out this amazing furniture collection is the Stiletto Console. A riff off Louboutin’s signature red-soled high heels, this whimsical table’s spiked ‘heel’ is carved from solid stacked walnut. The table top-turned-leg can be of luxe inlaid leather or French Burr Walnut veneer, with perfectly fitted leather-lined drawers. Polished red acrylic bottom of the table packs an irresistible punch of style.