Hot Stuff: 12 Must-Haves for Your Kitchen & Bath

To help fend off the cold winter blues, here are some fun and colorful furniture, fixtures and fittings to kitchen and bathroom. Most of these products are either new rollouts or prototypes, so you can be assured they won’t be found in every block any time soon!

Bathsphere is literally a spa in a pod!

Bathsphere is literally a spa in a pod!

Here’s something worthy of a sci-fi movie. This futuristic ‘relaxation bubble’ is designed to be a self contained capsule where temperature, light, sound, smell and humidity can be adjusted. If you happen to own a panoramic view, then having a transparent bathtub has its advantages…

Radiator in shape of colorful paper clips

This colorful piece of functional art shows that pop culture is still alive and well.

Whether you admit it or not, I for one am guilty of hording colorful paper clips in my younger days. Now Italian manufacturer Scirocco can satisfy anyone’s itch in a big way. This versatile product is available in 2 sizes and can be used as a towel warmer or radiator. With the radiator measuring an imposing 5’6″ high, the Graffe warmers will make a statement in any room!


This undulating basin is inspired by the creative tension between water and sand. The design depicts the meandering path of water so the sink and drain are artfully offset to one side.

The stylish Impronta is by Studio Fuksas whose illustrious client roster includes Ferrari and Armani. The sink comes with an integrated towel rail and can be either wall hung or installed with drawers.

Toncelli's Invisible glass kitchen countertop with wifi.

Another take on the ‘Smart Home’ where the glass countertop will pop up recipes from the internet on demand.

Conveniently integrated into the Toncelli kitchen’s work surface, the glass top is web-enabled so you can find recipes, check Facebook or video chat with friends with a swipe of your fingers.

Bath tub in shape of a hi heel.

A bathtub that would have done Imelda Marcos proud!

Though Imelda’s 1,000+ pairs of shoes won’t all fit in this whimsical tub, it sure looks pretty mondo! The shimmering glass tile encrusted bath tub by Sicis is perfect for glamming up the bathroom or indulging in one’s shoe fetish!

Kitchen with 3D cabinet doors

Meet Artica – be the first on your block to have a kitchen sporting these cool origami-like folds on the door!

The sculptural cabinetry by innovative Spanish kitchen manufacturer Delta Cocinas is created with 3D modeling using 15 cm x 15 cm polygons. I love how the frosted glass divider is edge-lit with alternating blue and red LEDs, turning the island backsplash into kinetic art!

Bathtub decorated with Swarovski crystals

A bathtub for you when money is no object! The organic design and artful blend of colorful, glittering crystals adorning it certainly makes a statement.

Part of the Teuco Swarovski collection, the tub is encrusted with clusters of – guess what? – Swarovski crystals! Reflecting designer Fiona Winter Swarovski’s background in both fashion and interior design, the opulent one-of-a-kind creation resembles a piece of oversized jewelry for the bathtub!

Sink that looks like peeling paint coming off the wall

The edgy Skin sink visually blurs the boundary between the wall and sink. Of course it may be problematic for bar patrons who had one drink too many…

The sink in another finish material

Lavabo Skin sink in alternate finish.

The curved metal wash basin can be covered in mosaic or resin to create the illusion that the wall’s outer layer is peeling off. Italian furnishings firm Lago  brings out the design’s raw aesthetic by contrasting the wall’s refined finishes against the stark white ‘underbelly’ of the sink.

A bathtub for dogs covered with Swarovski crystals

For those who feel their 4 legged family members need pampering too, I have just the bathtub for you!!

The exquisite Diamond bathtub is a claw foot tub thoughtfully sized for its canine occupants. Every single of the 46,928 Swarovski crystals is hand applied and with a choice of 76 colors, there must be a color for Fido! Should you be forking over for the tub, you’ll be glad to know that shipping is free.

Integrated sink and faucet into the shape of a breaking wave

Surf’s up! For those who go into withdrawal when the ocean isn’t in sight, check out the Eaux Eaux sink!

Water flows out of the faucet to complete the illusion of a breaking wave on the counter. The painted stainless steel spout matches the ceramic sink to create the seamlessly fluid form of this innovative design.

Pot rack from recycled steel loom ends

Tired of the same old pot rack? The Merkled pot rack will perk you up!

Made from local salvaged steel loom ends, none of these free-form units are alike. The 3 to 4 ft long racks are available as L or U shaped models. As part of its commitment to sustainability, Merkled Studio uses a zero-VOC powder coating process. Finishes come in ice blue, burnt orange, white, or plain steel.

Faucet that turns red when water is hot.

Here’s a faucet that can keep your kids entertained and holed up in the bathroom for a very long time…

The faucet is topped by a frosted glass disc to create a ripple effect, hence the name Ripple. Roll the metal ball away from the center and water will start flowing. To change the temperature, move the ball from right to left: LEDs will turn from blue to red as the water heats up.